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  • What materials come with the course?
    Currently, the course comes with a 3 month access to the video library for the RADSTEP course. There is also a downloadable PDF which consists of the diagnosis and images.
  • Am I able to choose when my subcription starts?
    Yes. When you sign up for the course, it will allow you to choose your start date.
  • Is there a limit to how many times i can watch videos?
    No. Videos are fully accessable, in any order you choose for the duration of the subscription.
  • Can I share my account with another student?
    Share account information is stricly prohibited.
  • How many different computers will I be able to access my videos?
    Enter your answer here
  • What is RADSTEP's refund policiy?
    All sales are final. Please refere to TOS agreement.
  • Is there a RADSTEP book?
    RADSTEP book is under production and should be available shortly.
  • Do you accept payment with Doge coin?
  • Are videos watchable from a mobile device or iPad?
    Yes all video are watchable from a mobile device or iPad.
  • Still have a Questions?
    Please send us an Email under the "CONTACT" section!
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