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My Role Model Narendra Modi Essay

Our prime minister is well known for his friendly behavior with our neighbors. He has great influence in western countries. Narendra Modi is a ray of hope for many Indians who consider him as their role model.

my role model narendra modi essay

At the same time, around a third of people working in STEM attribute the underrepresentation of blacks and Hispanics to these groups not believing in their ability to succeed in these fields (34%), the lack of black and Hispanic role models in these fields (32%), and racial/ethnic discrimination in recruitment, hiring and promotions (32%).

People who are employed in a STEM job are more likely than those working in non-STEM jobs to cite lack of access to quality education (52% vs. 42%), lack of encouragement to pursue subjects at an early age (45% vs. 40%), and lack of black and Hispanic role models working in the field (32% vs. 27%) as major reasons why these groups are underrepresented in STEM jobs.

Modi had addressed the nation yesterday saying that "Atalji's death was a personal loss" for him. Today, in his latest blog on, he wrote about how India was a blessed nation because of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Personally, Atalji was an ideal, a guru, and role model who inspired me deeply. It was he who entrusted me with responsibilities both in Gujarat as well as at the national level. It was he who called me one evening in October 2001, and told me to go to Gujarat as the chief minister. When I told him that I had always worked in the organization, he said he was confident I would fulfill the people's expectations. The faith he had in me was humbling.

He also became the first politician of India to have a 'live chat' with all the citizens, which is a proud thing for our country. He is a role model for every person whether it is a child or a youth. Modi ji is the fourth such leader in the world who is so famous on this social networking website. In this way, after hard work, struggle and winning the hearts of the people, he went from Chief Minister to Prime Minister.

When Narendra Modi was asked to mention his success, he gave credit to hard thinking and hard work. Narendra Modi considers self-confidence as his strength. Narendra Modi has run many schemes to help the poor, farmers, backward people and unemployed people of the country, in which in many schemes narendra modi has given housing to the citizens of the country. We hope that they will continue to work for the progress and development of the country. Our best wishes are always with him.

A role model is someone who inspires and motivates you to lead a good life and be a good person. The key to becoming like your role model is to emulate them. Many people look up to them and consider them role models simply because they are wealthy and attractive. A person with an exaggerated ego, attitude, or selfishness is not a role model. A role model, on the other hand, is someone who inspires and motivates me to live a good, positive life and who lends me a hand as I walk and run toward my dreams and goals. In this My Role Model essay, we will talk about role models. An explanation of the example: Who is a good role model and who is not?

Everyone has someone in their life who inspires them greatly; this person could be their parents, teachers, friends, or anyone else. They can have a big impact on our lives and inspire us to make good decisions. Read some of the examples here to find a well-written essay about a role model in your life.

Good role models light the way, serving as beacons of light by leading by example. Here are the important characteristics of a role model that distinguish them as natural leaders and help you remember what is truly important.

Second, in order to be an effective role model, you must have your own strong role models to aspire to. Consider the people who have influenced you and make a list of the qualities you admire or wish to emulate in them. This may appear intimidating if you believe there is a significant gap between you and your role models. However, this is just the beginning of your journey.

In the Situation Room at New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) headquarters (pictured above), Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Preparedness Megan Pribram discussed New York City's risk landscape and the citywide management system, which is a model for interagency coordination when responding to hazards such as heat waves. Odisha State Disaster Management Authority's Dr. Kamal Mishra described state-level emergency preparedness in India, including his department's role in one of the largest evacuations in history ahead of Hurricane Phailin in 2013.

As China looks to wean its economy off a heavy dependence on investment and exports, India is embarking on the very same growth model that could see the South Asian nation assuming the role of the world's factory floor within the next decade.

Parents are our role models, and the importance of our parents in our lives cannot be understated. The essence, function, affection, and sacrifices parents make for their children are described in the following essay.

A role model is someone who has a significant influence on our lives and who changes the way we think and act. When I think of a role model, my parents are the first individuals who appear in my mind.

Indian nationalists emphasised economic self-reliance, of which planning was an important part, in the years before independence.[21] The National Planning Committee of the Indian National Congress (INC) was formed in 1938 under its president Subhash Chandra Bose.[22] The committee was multi-disciplinary and composed of well-known personalities from across the sub-continent.[23] Bose lent his full support to the planning efforts to make independent India an economic unit that was industrialised and self-sufficient.[22] There was, however, much opposition to these plans, including non-cooperation by Gandhi, who opposed the type of industrialisation being championed and he called the committee's efforts pointless.[24] Another pre-independence effort to plan the economic development of independent India was the Bombay Plan, whose authors include J. R. D. Tata, G. D. Birla and A. Dalal.[25] The Bombay Plan sought to make India self-sufficient by increasing the role of the state in all aspects of the economy, a contrast to 21st-century India.[26] In the following years, India took cues from economic models in the Soviet Union, later becoming aware of other models such as those of South Korea, Taiwan and Brazil.[27]

A role model is a person who inspires people to live meaningful lives. Role models motivate young people to live the life of integrity, optimism, compassion and hope. Very simple people in society or family can be our role models. They can be our parents or friends who guide us during a difficult time. Role model plays an important part in developing personality and attitude of an individual. The values, belief and behaviour are the three important traits which are deeply influenced by our role model in life.

The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE), founded in Silicon Valley, is one of the best examples. It was established in 1992 with the goal of facilitating networking between entrepreneurs from South Asia, providing mentoring for the next generation, and incubating and investing in start-ups. As of 2020, TiE had 61 branches across 14 countries, with 20 offices in the United States and 23 in India, and boasted a membership of 15,000. To date, it has supported around 10,000 start-ups founded by entrepreneurs of Indian origin. The total valuation of these start-ups is approximately $200 billion. With offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, TiE has acted as a conduit for successful Indian businesspeople in Silicon Valley to interact with their home country. These individuals emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship to youth in India. They acted as role models, mentors, and investors at a time when there was little support to be found elsewhere. TiE continues to serve as a vital link between Silicon Valley and India.

They can become the role models for the others. They can take out rallies to create awareness related with some current issues / evils such as Drug Addiction, Save Daughter- Educate Daughter, Crime against Women, Corruption etc.

The students must follow suit of great people of all countries and all ages. They must get inspiration from them. The people like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mother Teresa must be their role models. 350c69d7ab


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