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Christian Watson

Oldsmobile Engine Serial Number Decoder [EXCLUSIVE]

Roccodart446--I just dug out my Olds book and what I found is that they only made two models of coupes in '31. The standard business coupe(2 passenger) and the sport coupe (2+2 in rumble seat).The picture shows yours to be the standard business coupe. The standard coupe came in two wheel options 5 wooden wheels as yours or 5 wire wheels. Production for your car was 1059 units built, the base price was $845. The five wire wheel car production was 1364. As mentioned by Paul the bumper/spare wheel was an option but "not mandatory", this option was listed as an additional $ 20, but did not include a tire/tube. Your engine number does fit into the early production run, but I am puzzled by the X after it. I have seen General Motors stamp an "X", as denoting export, where are you located? I assume you are going to restore this car as it appears to be worthy of it. Best of luck on this great car. --Bob

oldsmobile engine serial number decoder


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