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[S19E4] No Good Reason

I too found this episode a little tedious. The opening scene went on for way too long. For a moment I thought I had the wrong station and wasn't watching SVU! Perhaps the show is trying to target a younger audience. I have to remind myself that I've been watching this show from the beginning and have pretty much seen it all. For the younger generation this could be their first time exposed to such issues so I hope that they can learn as much as I did when I first started watching the show. Whilst it was a nice touch that Benson went to the school, I find it unlikely that in reality students would respond quite like they did in the show. It was a bit too 'feel good' for me.

[S19E4] No Good Reason

Chris, I see that we highly disagree over this episode. I'm actually a teen, so that might be the reason. However, I love SVU as it is. But this episode, to me anyway, was the best of Season 19 so far. The promo was highly deceiving, I got the vibe from the promo that this one would be quite boring. However, the hour flew by in what seriously felt like ten minutes. Rollins reveals a personal detail about herself to try to get Mandy to get away from the cliff she was on the edge of (as Amanda put it.) She then said a quote that will stick with me, about how what others said about her didn't define her, only she can define herself. That scene gave me intense chills.Benson's speech at the end and that scene literally had me in tears. I'll never forget that scene. From the emotion to the speech to even the music, which was the most beautiful piece I've ever heard them air, I felt that was a timeless scene. Julie and Brianna definitely did a marvelous job on this episode.Other tidbits...Sheila already pisses me off. And it felt quite predictable that Andrew was the rapist. The way he said he loved Mandy so much sickened me. All in all, "No Good Reason" I felt was a powerful, very important, timeless episode. That ending scene SIMPLY DEMANDS an Emmy. Season 19 has just knocked it out of the park so far, because Michael Chernuchin knows what he's doing. Next Wednesday's episode "Complicated" only promises to be yet another great one."No Good Reason" gets 5 stars from me.

I just want to clear up Chris that my last comment for some reason came under my other account +Juda Packer Metal which I just want to let you know are both my accounts, I just don't know why the comment came under that account? I will send you an email later and get your thoughts on a different show, I just don't feel is proper to do it here on an SVU post.

Gerald was also taking his new position as a Yelper very seriously, treating it like a position of deep, profound power and even knowingly neglecting his family in order to finish it. He writes a fifty-page review of Applebee's, lauding it with strong, poetic flattery but giving it a bad review at the very end of his critique over an exceedingly pathetic, shallow, and irrelevant reason. Even Sergeant Yates is going overboard with his Yelp reviews, thinking himself more important to the town than ever.

IGN gave "You're Not Yelping" a "6.0" rating saying: "Coming off the pretty good gentrification riff in "The City Part of Town," this week's South Park made an attempt to continue that storyline by adding Yelp to the equation. Alas, while Cartman and his legion of food critics offered a few laughs early on, "You're Not Yelping" as a whole felt drawn-out and dull. Although, to its credit, it did at least end on a high note, thanks to a prolonged speech bit and a catchy musical number."[3]

Have we ever seen Jackson this happy in his life? The move was good for him, and he's in a position of power where he gets to do some good. He's in his element, and you can tell how fulfilled he's been since he left.

When you're the child no one has to worry about, you suffer silently and retreat inward. Zola has always handled things eerily well and never tried to make waves; she is wise beyond her years and too mature for her own good.

It was great to hear that she and Mer have attended therapy weekly and Mer was taking other measures to help Zola as best as possible. She also didn't hesitate to acknowledge all the reasons why Zola could be suffering now.

She's done great things with the Parkinson's work, so this feels like a natural next step for her, and there's no reason for her not to get back into what she likely got into medicine for in the first place.

There was no mention of Nick; frankly, it's good that he wasn't at the center of any decision-making. However, I wonder how things will pan out with the two. He's only in Seattle now because of Meredith and helping with the program.

Bailey found a way to use the PRT for good, something that Addison could do. She can set up in a state like Illinois, which borders many other states with abortion bans, and she can help in all the ways that only she can.

Amelia said that she would let any trusted intern do something like take Scout to daycare, but it doesn't change the fact that she hasn't done that. She exclusively seeks Lucas out for things at work even after he's clarified why he wants some reasonable distance.

Amelia is good for giving him ample time to rectify the situation before she comments. My darling Lucas needs to pull up his big boy pants, hopefully, bigger than those he had to buy Scout, and confess.

There's no set, official rate on her webpage, which has led to rumors in the past about how expensive her services are. For some reason, people used to claim that Caputo charged $400 for 30 minutes, which she denies.

In an interview with blogger Saralee Rosenberg, Caputo said that number is totally off. She added, "and thank you for letting me put that rumor to rest. Even before the show, the wait list was a little over two years (as it is now). And my fee for an hour is still very reasonable. Much less than the rumored amount."

She added that 100 percent of the money is donated to charity and that her clients all make a donation directly to a charity she supports for each season of the show. Meals on Wheels and local Long Island veterans charities have been some of the recipients, so whatever the cost turns out to be, it's going to a good cause and not Caputo's personal checking account. 041b061a72


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