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Christian Watson
Christian Watson

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researchers at los alamos national laboratory used an ultramicrotome to cut slices of frozen light bulb that are a few millimeters thick, and used a high-resolution transmission electron microscope to examine the surfaces of the slices. while these were high resolution images, it was hard to tell what exactly they were looking at.

lithium-ion batteries are highly touted for their high energy density and long-lasting power. but while theyre used in all kinds of commercial devices, their high cost can be an issue, especially for aerospace and military applications. now, researchers at north carolina state university have developed a new way to convert ordinary graphite into lithium-free graphane using a flash of light. the tiny amounts of energy to perform the transformation from graphite to graphane is comparable to the amount of energy youll find in a two-cent piece. and unlike lithium-ion batteries, the cost of graphene is so low that it costs little to manufacture.

this video will teach you how to prepare a big bore funnel using a simple and effective method that is easy to put into practice in the workshop. well show you a very clean and effective alternative to make big bore funnels from just a 1.2mm od and a 1.0mm id bushing. you will also learn how to make a good size and shaped pilot hole to use with these bushing. if you want to make your own big bore funnel at home, this video will give you all the information you need.


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