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Christian Watson

Download MIRCHI 2013 Telugu Movie With English Subtitle ((LINK))

I am seriously worried about the falling standards of film makers and film watchers alike.And when someone says mirchi is an awesome movie,i do hope that it is some kind of a joke.What exactly did my dear morons like in this movie? There is nothing new in this movie.Just some touch me not romance and some rowdyism,the same old stinking crap that you've seen countless times.The first scene of the film itself is enough to convince you that there is nothing new here,just the same old crap-the hero is very kindhearted and strong and can beat up twenty people at once and.....must i go on? Come on man,you have got to be kidding me.Wait,there is a twist in the movie,i won't reveal that but i can guarantee you one thing-you will hardly feel it.I mean why the f*** should i care if someone belongs to some family in some stinking village in andhra? And there is a lot of drama after that and you might just confuse the flashback with the present or vice-versa while all this goes on.And finally,everything gets back to normal and the hero's love prevails and by this time,the film must have lulled you to sleep(despite all the sound).

Download MIRCHI 2013 telugu movie with english subtitle

Download Zip:


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