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Buy Sony Extended Service Plan

I'll give you another anecdote. When I worked at Circuit City in college, we were required to offer extended warranties at the end of the sale. I don't remember specific prices, but I do recall a one-year plan on a VCR could cost upwards of 25 percent of the price of the product. A five-year plan on a pair of speakers? Pennies on the dollar. Which do you think is more likely to break?

buy sony extended service plan

Eager to earn a commission, a salesperson may say whatever it takes to sell the contracts. That's what Gay Pitz of Baltimore says happened when she paid $79.99 for an extended-service contract on a $500 Sony camera at Best Buy. She says she complained to because the Best Buy salesperson \"heavily recommended\" the contract because \"whatever happened ... short of losing it,\" the camera would be covered.

Best Buy's Baldwin says the chain makes adjustments to its service plans. It will do so \"while also keeping our service plan offerings simple. It is to the benefit of both Best Buy and our customers if the protection levels are easy to understand and even easier to apply.\" For example, the \"Black Tie Geek Squad Protection\" plan runs 23 pages. It can be found at

Purchasing a CPS extended warranty on your SONY product provides valuable financial protection and peace of mind! CPS extended warranties include perks such as in-home service, which can save you time and hassle if your appliance needs repairs.

That is very disturbing. Typically, I don't get the extended warranty as will sell it around 18 months or so, take a hit about equal to the service plan cost and but new, back into warranty after being out for about 6 months. With wife's a6000 she had an accidental drop about a month before the 1 year was up, damaging the lens. Purchased the accidental damage for the lens and had it repaired significantly cheaper than accidental non-coverage repair. Just looked at Sony's site and can't even do that now.

Sony introduced a new extended service plan program for the entire line up of Professional Photo Printers and the popular Passport Photo Printing System. We are still accessing the details of what the new plan covers and the procedure for getting support, but in a nutshell it extends your out-of-the-box one year warranty by two years, for a total of three years, for only $99. The warranties are available from Imaging Spectrum online or by phone. You can order an extended service plan for your Sony printer up to 11 months from your purchase date. Sony has kept it simple by covering the complete line of professional photo printers with only two part numbers:

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (June 1, 2003) – Owners of new Sony VAIO laptop and desktop PCs now have the opportunity to attach a Service Net extended warranty plan to their new PC purchase. The new two, three, and four year date-of-purchase plans, called Extended Service, will be sold through resellers like CDW, PC Connection, and Insight. In a first for Service Net, and a rarity in the industry, the VAIO contracts will offer on-site laptop service coverage. Typically laptop service is only handled via express ship. Additionally the Extended Service plans will offer an optional accidental damage protection benefit. Customers can either register their coverage via mail or online at

It's true that on paper, it sounds like a great deal. This particular extended warranty comes from Asurion LLC, a company that supplies a range of very affordable extended warranty plans for Amazon products specifically. It's a four-year Protection Plan for TVs from $175 to $199.99.

That's according to a report in this week's Marketing magazine, which claims that the service is being planned by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and will initially offer additional content and software updates for games before being extended to cover music downloads later this summer.

The PlayStation Portable is, of course, also capable of playing back high quality video from Memory Sticks, and as such it's quite likely that the service would eventually be extended to cover movies - a direction Apple is also believed to be taking with its iTunes Music Store service. 041b061a72


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